The Prevent Agenda & children’s rights

C&S SIGN Seminar

Date & time: 18th October, 12-1.30pm

Location: Middlesex University – Town Hall, Committee Room 2

The Prevent Agenda in Schools: Moving beyond surveillance to education

Dr Lee Jerome & Dr Alex Elwick (Middlesex University)

In this paper we will share some of the findings from an evaluation we have recently conducted in secondary schools where Citizenship teachers taught about the Prevent policy explicitly in the curriculum. We conducted interviews with staff and students and collected surveys from students to identify the extent to which participants felt the lessons were useful and whether they had any discernible impact. We interpret this data in an on-going debate about the appropriate role for teachers in relation to Prevent – as agents of the state exercising a surveillance role and policing young people’s opinions, or as educationalists enabling young people to understand complex issues and explore their own and others’ opinions.

Lee Jerome is Associate Professor of Education at Middlesex University. He is the author of ‘England’s Citizenship Education Experiment’ (Bloomsbury, 2012), edits the teachers’ journal ‘Teaching Citizenship’ and has written numerous textbooks and resources for schools. He has taught history and sociology in secondary schools, managed PGCE courses at several universities, and recently developed an MSc course in Children’s Rights.

Alex Elwick is a Research Assistant at Middlesex University. He has previously worked for the Education Development Trust and been a fellow at the Kluge Center, Library of Congress. He His AHRC-funded PhD was on non-formal learning in museums and galleries, and his research interests include education policy; school systems; and the links between education and art institutions.

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