Higher Education

The growing and widening importance of higher education, its purposes and its stakeholders have created a complex sector. Investigating itself is a mark of maturity and a centre for higher education research offers a vehicle through which institutional, sector and policy issues can be located and encouraged.

The activities of the higher education special interest group (SIG) will centre around four core areas:

  • Policy and history
  • Teaching and learning
  • Higher education identity
  • Anthropological, sociological and philosophical perspectives

The higher education SIG aims to:

  • Provide research to support existing learning and teaching activities
  • Develop relationships with other centres of higher education in London and beyond and to enhance the essence of higher education’s contrition to fairness, dignity and justice
  • Seek funding for, and disseminate, research through scholarly output such as journal conferences and seminars
  • Increase high quality outcomes that will be appropriate for the next REF Education submission.

Middlesex University runs an MA in Higher Education.

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