Challenging Public Perceptions

Diverse Dramaturgies, Processes and Audiences

Date & time: 8th November, 3-5pm

Location: Grove Concert Room (G274)

The event will address the topic of diversity in the theatre from different perspectives, asking if and how diverse dramaturgies work to challenge, oppose or perhaps reinforce and confirm established tropes of public perception and discourse.

The speakers in the round-table are:

  • Mojisola Adebayo – actor, playwright, director, producer, teacher
  • Pippa Hill – literary manager, Royal Shakespeare Company
  • Fin Kennedy – playwright; artistic director, Tamasha
  • M. Sanchez-Camus – live artist, scenographer, performer

The round-table will be open to the public, live-streamed over the internet and recorded for archive purposes. It is free of charge, but booking is essential. Our box office can be found here:

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