Work and Learning

The Work and Learning Special Interest Group (SIG) undertakes research in professional practice and change in work. It engages in practice-based research and knowledge co-creation between the University and the public, private and voluntary sectors. The SIG also operates as the Work and Learning Research Centre (WLRC), which you can read more about by clicking here.

Our vision is:

  • To lead, nationally and internationally, in practice-based research and learning in work.
  • To be the centre of choice for research, development and consultancy within our focus areas.
  • To be a key constituent of the Middlesex University excellence in innovation in research and development in professional learning.

Our research falls into four areas:

  1. Approaches to pedagogy and curriculum development for work-based learners and professional practice researcher, including learning interventions within the workplace. Specifically the study of process and underpinning frameworks that enhance and embed organizational and individual learning in the work place to improve performance and impact. Framework for conceptualizing change in work and innovative and responsive methodologies for practitioner-research.
  2. Theoretical and Ethical Aspects of Practice-Based Studies. Bringing philosophical ideas to bear on professional developmental issues including transdisciplinarity ethics, values, and epistemologies of change.
  3. Approaches to Change and Development in Work
  4. Policy and Work Based Learning – Do contact us for consultancy, programme development and evaluation in these areas. Previous clients include Toshiba, Nationwide US and Unilever.