Our Doctoral Students

Maxine Stephenson

My name is Maxine Stephenson.  I have just started my PhD at Middlesex London having recently completed 3 years as a Visiting Lecturer in the Early Years/Education Department at Middlesex Dubai. My interests are the debates surrounding the underachievement of Black Caribbean males within the UK educational system. In black and minority ethnic communities mentoring … Continue reading Maxine Stephenson

Sarah Dalrymple

I am Sarah Dalrymple and I run a Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) approved training centre, delivering Foundation and Modern Apprenticeships throughout Scotland. I am a Chartered Educational Assessor, External and Internal Verifier and Assessor for Modern Apprenticeships (MAs), I am also a Qualification Development Specialist for SQA. My career started as a chef and while … Continue reading Sarah Dalrymple

Ramona Pistol

My research project analyses metaphors comprehension. Considering the idea that some metaphors are perceived as being more metaphorical than others, the project looks at the novelty in metaphorical instances and what exactly it is about metaphors than many are treated as instances of meaning which stand out. Furthermore, several important theories of metaphor rely heavily … Continue reading Ramona Pistol

Jamieson Dryburgh

Jamieson Dryburgh’s research explores the experience of learning from within the dance technique studio. He employs an interpretive ethnographic approach to the shared experience of the dance class. The study centralises the nuance and insight of the research participants with respect to their approach to the materials, their relationship with the teacher and the influence … Continue reading Jamieson Dryburgh

Mari Ystanes Fjeldstad

Exploring knowledge in music through diffractive stories from violin lessons Thinking with posthuman theories, my research is investigating knowledge in music. What is it to know how to sing or to play an instrument? Knowledge is often understood as divided into separate categories. In the curriculum framework of the schools of music and performing arts … Continue reading Mari Ystanes Fjeldstad

Dilys Wilson

Holding the baby – the contribution of Early Years Teachers to leading practice with babies Policy initiatives to promote a graduate professional role in an early years sector with mixed market provision remain partially implemented, resulting in Early Years Teachers not being recognised as qualified teachers. For the education and care of the under 2s … Continue reading Dilys Wilson

Kar-wai Tong

A comparative case study from the perspective of Confucianism on students’ and staff’s perceptions of happiness at two public universities respectively in Hong Kong and London –  Happiness is not a frequent topic of research in the Chinese philosophy and the number of academic studies about happiness from the angle of Confucianism is even less. … Continue reading Kar-wai Tong

Adrian Ting

Undergraduate writing support – a Hong Kong case study My PhD research investigates the academic and disciplinary writing support provision at an English as a medium of instruction (EMI) university in Hong Kong. The main focus is to examine different stakeholders’ perceptions on what constitutes academic and disciplinary writing at undergraduate level (namely students, writing … Continue reading Adrian Ting

Nina Odegard

Aesthetic exploration with recycled materials. Concepts, ideas and phenomena that matter. This project sets the concept of Aesthetic Exploration in motion in relation to empirical data by exploring young children’s encounters with recycled materials in a Blackbox at a Remida. Through four published articles that focus on different parts of the research: methodologically, empirically, and … Continue reading Nina Odegard

Johnny Chan

A Cross-discipline Study in the School of Health and Education:Examining Interpersonal Conflict in College Life Through Collective Cultural Lens In this study, a model is proposed that shows how individuals can better understand interpersonal conflict through the lens of cultural factors, specifically that of a collectivist culture. Viewing issues through a lens that considers cultural … Continue reading Johnny Chan

Lloyd Adejubu

My case study research, ‘Higher Education on Curriculum Development for Employment’ will focus on the business school  curriculum at Middlesex University. The purpose of this, is to discover the effectiveness of the curriculum to helping graduates into employment. This will include the stakeholders perspective i.e. students, alumni and employers with a combination of arguments, data collection … Continue reading Lloyd Adejubu

Sindu Prasad

Enhancing graduate skills to attain employment remains a challenge to Higher Education all over the world. Scholars and researchers have conducted plenteous studies for the past 30 years to resolve the issues, which, by and large, results in a blame game between the key stakeholders (Employers, Academics, and graduates). This doctoral research, therefore, seeks to … Continue reading Sindu Prasad

Angela Scollan

Facilitation of children’s narratives in the classroom. The promotion of children’s self-determination as a resource for learning and teaching, an exploration of pedagogical change in London primary schools.  The doctoral project is an action research concerned with the experimentation of facilitation as a technique to create dialogic learning in primary school classrooms. Video analysis of … Continue reading Angela Scollan

Rahaman Mohammed

I am a Senior Lecturer (Practice) Social Work and my current role is the Step Up to Social Work Programme Leader. I hold an MSc Mental Health Studies, BA(Hons) Social Work, PG Cert (Higher Education), Dip. HE and a qualified mental nurse. Currently, I’m a Fellow with the Higher Education Academy. As a dual qualified professional … Continue reading Rahaman Mohammed

Kirsteen MacDonald

Curriculum development and delivery and the place of learning technologies in a context of changing academic identities I am a Lead Academic Developer based in the Centre for Learning & Teaching Enhancement. With my DProf study I am exploring the relationship between academics and academic developers and the ways in which they collaborate, taking into … Continue reading Kirsteen MacDonald

Bheshaj Kumar Ashley Hoolash

An exploration of strategies to support non-specialist Mathematics and Statistics Learners in Higher Education in Mauritius. Description:  This doctoral study intends to develop a few themes for exploration by looking at some major research questions. Past experiences (joy, excitement, apprehension, fear, anxiety) and personal expectations students have, that will help the researcher enhance his teaching skills … Continue reading Bheshaj Kumar Ashley Hoolash

Stuart Peck

Studying law on the fast-track: working-class, mature students’ constructions and experiences of their two-year undergraduate degree. This PhD study draws upon the qualitative research conducted over an 18-month period at one ‘private’ law school in the south of England. Using qualitative methods, this study attempts to provide some answers to an under-researched area. Set within … Continue reading Stuart Peck

Sid Mohandas

An investigation into how a gendered workforce is materialised through feminist new materialist encounters in a Montessori classroom Engaging with a feminist new materialist (FNM) ethico-onto-epistemology, my research seeks to produce generative reimaginings of how gender comes to matter within the early childhood workforce, in Montessori spaces. Current government perspectives on the gendered nature of … Continue reading Sid Mohandas

Shino Sharama

The Role and Nature of Japanese Supplementary School in London This PhD study sets out to explore the role of Japanese supplementary school in London. It will be investigated how Japanese children grow up as a bilingual in the process of learning English and Japanese at the same time. This research from the aspect of … Continue reading Shino Sharama