Event: “It’s just safeguarding” – a seminar with Jo Finch, Deputy Director at the Centre for Social Work Research, UEL

DATE & TIME: 7th june 2016, 4.30PM-6.30PM

LOCATION: University of East London Room US 2.48, University Square, 1 Salway Road, Stratford, London, E15 1NF

“It’s just safeguarding” PREVENT, Safeguarding and Thin Narratives

In this seminar Jo Finch, Deputy Director at the Centre for Social Work Research, UEL,  will argue that PREVENT is an example of increasing securitisation, which undermines human rights, privacy & fundamental tenets of justice. In turn, such a securitisation move, impacts directly, and decisively on professionals that have traditionally occupied a pluralist libertarian space in the UK, e.g. social workers, teachers & higher education professionals.

Jo will challenge a dominant, and on the surface, common sense and persuasive narrative, that young people in the UK, at alleged risk of extremism and radicali-sation simply require “safeguarding” using the state’s existing systems and conceptualisations of child protection, and linked to this, that those at risk of radicalisation are deemed vulnerable and are without agency.

She argues that professionals are being co-opted into increasingly securitised state practices.

The paper will be followed by discussion & exploration of opportunities for collaboration.

Please email Lee Jerome to confirm attendance.