Transdisciplinary Higher Education

Edited by Paul Gibbs

This book is not just about thinking or acting in transdisciplinary ways, but about being transdisciplinary. To achieve this requires a deconstruction of our current way of acting within the definition of being that others impose upon us. Transdisciplinarity is a phenomenological perspective of reality and its manifestation in the world in which we exist. The volume develops a widely based transdisciplinary understanding of the issues faced by higher education institutions and those who work within and with these institutions to educate professionals. It incorporates international contributions from organisational theory, anthropologists, historians, psychologists, social sciences, philosophers and practitioners to create a volume that makes an important and distinct contribution to the literature on higher education and professional practice.

“Transdisciplinarity provides one of our greatest challenges in higher education, both to the way it is organized and to the nature of the curriculum. This book is an important contribution to the debate about its implications.”

“Higher education is being challenged by the nature of knowledge and how it is organized—the world is transdisciplinary but out institutions are constrained by the disciplines. This book contributes to the important debates about the challenges  transdisciplinarity provides to our institutions.”

Professor  David Boud
Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney

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