Strategic and applied research

Strategic and applied research, evaluation and knowledge exchange

Strategic and applied research, evaluation and knowledge exchange concerned with the implications of policy and curriculum reform for children, educationalists and the communities in which they are located:

Recent and current projects include:

  • Early Years Qualifications & Training Study (Osgood, Sakr, Roberston, Wilson, Elwick)
  • London Education Research Network for Social Justice (LERNS) (Jerome)
  • Programme evaluation for ACT’s Building Resilience Project (Jerome)
  • Women, Workforce & Wellbeing International EY Collaborative (Osgood)
  • The Big Childcare Conversation (Robertson)
  • Reconfiguring Quality in Early Childhood and Education (keynote addresses at RECE conference, TACTYC Annual Conference)
  • BERJ Virtual Issue: Feminist Thought in Educational Research (Osgood)
  • Cool Food Planet, a science-based educational website that engages children aged 6-12 years old in nutrition, food safety & physical activity (Harding)

Funding sources for such projects include:

  • TACTYC, Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT)

Recent publications include:

  • OSGOOD, J. ROBERTSON, L., SAKR, M., WILSON, D. & ELWICK, A. (2017, forthcoming). Early Years Training & Qualifications Study: Early Years.
  • ANDREW, Y., CORR, L. OSGOOD, J., LENT, C., O’BRIEN, M. & BOYD, M. (under review) “Worthwhile work? Childcare, feminist ethics and cooperative research practices” Gender & Education
  • HARDING, J. (forthcoming) ‘Digitally – expressed emotions’ research. An investigation into the way in which children use digital media to explore challenging emotions and moments of transition in their lives  – accepted for Dark Play CIEC Special Issue
  • KINOS, J., ROBERTSON, L., BARBOUR, N. and PUKK, M. (2016 in press) The Need For Child Initiated Pedagogy In The Context Of Participatory Democracy In Finland, Estonia, England and The USA. Childhood Education.
  • OSGOOD, J. SCARLET, R. R. & The EYLF Pirates. (2016, in press). ‘Inspired by Anti Bias Approaches: Living the Act-ivist dream’ in R.R. Scarlet (Ed) Anti-Bias Approaches in Early Childhood.  Multiverse Press: Sydney.
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