Key Thinkers in Education

Editor – Paul Gibbs

This briefs series publishes compact (50 to 125 pages) refereed monographs under the editorial supervision of the Advisory Editor, Professor Paul Gibbs (CERS). Each volume in the series provides a concise introduction to the life and work of a key thinker in education and allows readers to get acquainted with their major contributions to educational theory and/or practice in a fast and easy way.


  • Hans-Geog Gadamar – Jon Nixon
  • Foucault as Educator – Stephen Ball
  • Nikas Luhman – Cluade Baraldi
  • Frediersich Nirtsche – Robin Small
  • Charles Peirce – David Plowright
  • Melanie Klein – Deborah Bulzman
  • Leavis – Steven Cranfield

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