In print

Postdevelopmental Approaches to Childhood Art

Edited by Mona Sakr & Jayne Osgood

Feminists Researching Gendered Childhoods

Edited by Jayne Osgood & Kerry H. Robinson

Methodologies for Practice Research

Edited by Carol Costley & John Fulton

Targeted Teaching

By Tremaine Baker, Gareth Evers & Richard Brock

Using Data to Improve Higher Education

Edited by Maria Menon, Dawn Terkla and Paul Gibbs

Thinking about Higher Education

Edited by Paul Gibbs and Ronald Barnett

Transdisciplinary Higher Education

Edited by Paul Gibbs

Universities in the Flux of Time

Edited by Paul Gibbs, Oili-Helena Ylijoki, Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela, Ronald Barnett

The Pedagogy of Compassion at the Heart of HE

Edited by Paul Gibbs

Why Universities Should Seek Happiness &Contentment

By Paul Gibbs

The Values of Savagery

Chapter by Victoria de Rijke

Anti-Bias in Early Childhood

Chapter by Jayne Osgood

Multilingual learning

Co-edited by Leena Robertson

Equality in the Primary School

Co-edited by Leena Robertson

Reconfiguring Motherhoods

Chapter by Jayne Osgood

Feminist Thought in Childhood Research

Series editor Jayne Osgood

Narratives from the Nursery

By Jayne Osgood

A-Z of Dangerous Food

By Victoria de Rijke

England’s Citizenship Education Experiment

By Lee Jerome

Effective Medium-term Planning for Teachers

By Lee Jerome

Trans-disciplinary Professional Learning and Practice

Edited by Paul Gibbs

Key Thinkers in Education

Edited by Paul Gibbs