Title of study:  Literary texts, metaphorical language and academic literacies: reflections on published classroom resources for learners of English

This PhD by Public works focuses on a body of my published work, arising from my practice as a teacher and university lecturer in the field of teaching English as a second/ foreign language and academic literacies. The publications place learners of English or students of academic writing at the centre of the learning process in order to devise classroom or online resources and pedagogic strategies sensitive to their diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. They embody research practices which explore relevant theoretical insights from applied linguistics, education and literary studies or draw on pertinent linguistic data (such as the use of corpora). The context statement accompanying the works seeks to explore the disciplinary context in which they were produced, to theorise the process of materials writing and the conflicts it raises for authors, and to critically evaluate the works.

Supervisory team: Victoria de Rijke and Leena Robertson