C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

Perspectives in Photography: Comparing approaches to analysing photos (Dr John Barker)

Date & time: 7th February 2018, 1-2pm

Location: C107, College Building, Middlesex University, London


The explosion of ‘visual methods’ such as photography, combined with more traditional observational approaches, have cemented visual senses as accepted and mainstream forms of data collection in early years, care and educational contexts. In this paper, I discuss a number of vignettes drawn upon a number of research projects conducted with children, youth and families to critically consider different ways of thinking about visual methods. Initially from a point of ‘seeing’ visual methods as a way to authentically capture social life, more critical perspectives are engaged with, which explore how visual methods generate (rather than simply reflect) social life. Drawing upon a variety of different perspectives, including Pink, 2001, and the posthumanist work of Kind (2013) and Nordstrom (2015) I explore how visual methods (and the technologies involved) are influential in generating the social life we seek to explore.

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