A-Z of potential education funders

This is a general list of major education funders:

AHRC http://www.ahrc.ac.uk/funding/opportunities/current/

Research networking grants up to £30k (submitted on a rolling basis, 6 month turnaround), plus £15k for international partners. Broad focus, but not pedagogy.

Research grants scheme (£50k – £1m) (submitted on a rolling basis).

BERA https://www.bera.ac.uk/about/bera-awards/brian-simon-award

Some education fellowships

British Academy http://www.britac.ac.uk/funding/guide/srg.cfm

Small grants (up to £10k), multiple deadlines per year

Journal of Moral Education Trust grants is also funded by the British Academy http://bit.ly/1QbyEll

These support scholars working in any field related to the study of moral education, moral development, civics or citizenship, including psychology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and education.

Erasmus+ https://erasmusplus.org.uk/

This EU fund supports staff and student international visits.

Esmee Fairbairn http://esmeefairbairn.org.uk/what-we-fund/young-people

Civic and political participation for under-represented groups of young people – mostly funding for programme delivery and impact, not research focused

ESRC http://www.esrc.ac.uk/funding/funding-opportunities/

Responsive bids can be submitted throughout the year (allow 26 weeks from submission to decision) £350k – £1m

Research seminars and strategic networks

Centres and large grants (international scope)

The Newton Fund and other DFID funding is available for international work.

New Investigator Fund for early career researchers

Gatsby Trust http://www.gatsby.org.uk/education

Education fund focuses on Science skills in school

Leverhulme https://www.leverhulme.ac.uk/funding/grant-schemes/research-project-grants/application-procedure

Research Project funding up to £500k, two stage process.

Mercers http://www.mercers.co.uk/education

Nuffield http://www.nuffieldfoundation.org/education-0

A range of grants related to research and innovation programmes (Children and Families, Early Years Education and Childcare, Economic Advantage and Disadvantage, Education, Finances of Ageing, Law in Society and Open Door).

Paul Hamlyn Foundation http://www.phf.org.uk/funds/arts-based-learning-fund/

A new arts-based learning fund opened in the autumn of 2015. Two types of grant are available under this Fund to support work at different stages of development. Applications must be submitted by charities and other organisations outside of the formal education sector, but with a school or HEI partner.

  1. ‘explore and test’ grants to test new approaches or gather evidence for the first time about approaches that have been used before
  2. ‘more and better’ grants envisaged as longer, larger grants to help increase the impact and effectiveness of work which has already shown promise or positive impact

Focus on the use of arts in school to (i) learn about the arts, or (ii) to use the arts to learn about other subjects, or (iii) to develop broader educational outcomes.

Other funding possibilities include teacher training in the arts; and a ‘migration and integration’ fund, aiming to support direct services for migrants and lobbying / policy work.

Paul Mellon Centre http://www.paul-mellon-centre.ac.uk/fellowships-and-grants/opportunities/season/spring-2016#

Small grants available for work relating to British art and architecture (including money for travel, seminars etc).

Society for Educational Studies http://www.soc-for-ed-studies.org.uk/grants/

Small grants (up to £10k) with priority to people within 5 years of their doctorate completion.

Society for Research into Higher Education https://www.srhe.ac.uk/research/annual_research_awards.asp

Annual submission

Up to £10k for projects falling under one the following headings: Higher Education Policy, Higher Education and Society, and Higher Education Practice

Up to £5k for scoping projects designed to lead to further research

Spencer Foundation http://www.spencer.org/what-we-fund

Theme: New Civics – Small grants (up to $50k)

The City Bridge Trust http://www.citybridgetrust.org.uk/CBT/Grants/

This is a large trust fund, largely interested in direct provision and supporting charities, but potentially useful for partnership work with London charities

The Headley Trust http://www.sfct.org.uk/the-headley-trust/

Provides funding for museums and galleries, including outreach work.

The JJ Charitable Trust http://www.sfct.org.uk/the-jj-charitable-trust/

Priorities include: Improving the effectiveness of literacy teaching; and social and cultural change for sustainable lifestyles

The Linbury Trust http://www.linburytrust.org.uk/

Education finding priorities include: promoting the study of history; support for organisations that work with those suffering from poor literacy skills and those with dyslexia; and education in the arts

The Three Guineas Trust http://www.sfct.org.uk/the-three-guineas-trust/

Funds work with people with ASD.