Past events

C&S SIGN SEMINAR SERIES (Anna R. Moxnes & Teresa K. Aslanian)

4 Apr 2019

C&S SIGN Seminar Series (Riikka Hohti)

28 Feb 2019

C&S SIGN Seminar Series (Jayne Osgood)

16 Jan 2019

C&S SIGN Seminar Series (John Barker)

6 Dec 2018


5 Dec 2018

Workshop with Professor Karin Murris

4 Dec 2018

Professional Education & Partnership SIG seminar series

15 Nov 2018

C&S SIGN Seminar Series (Leena Robertson)

7 Nov 2018

Feminists Researching Gendered Childhoods

24 Oct 2018

Apps for Children: Facilitating creativity, literacy and problem-solving

16th June

PhEMaterialism 2018

7th & 8th June 2018

C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

6th Jun – Scribble as post development metaphor (Dr Victoria de Rijke)

C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

23rd May – We don’t leave our emotions at the nursery door’- The Essence of Emotional Labour in Early Years Professional Practice (Lynette Morris)

C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

POSTPONSED – Becoming a ‘modest witness’ in early childhood research (Professor Jayne Osgood)

C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

9th May – Natural Interfaces in Children’s Everyday Experiences: Alexa in Free-Flow Play (Dr Mona Sakr)


26th April – Teacher Responses to Anxiety in Children

C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

25th Apr – Narratives of political identities: young Europeans (Professor Alistair Ross)

MA Higher Education Open Session

11th April – Higher education policy

C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

21st Mar – Languages with no names – a methodological challenge (Dr Leena Robertson) POSTPONED


21st March – The role of target-setting in professional education

MA Higher Education Open Session

21st March – Values in higher education


15th March – Social defences in occupational identity construction: A focus group study of nurses in training

MA Higher Education Open Session

14th March – Philosophy and history of higher education

C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

7th Mar – Queering understandings of how matter comes to matter in the baby room (Professor Jayne Osgood)

C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

21st Feb – Governing through Trust: community-based link workers and parental engagement in education (Dr Nathan Fretwell)

Professional Education and Partnership SIGN Spring term events

19th Feb – Failure to Fail? Practice Educators’ Emotional Experiences of Assessing Failing Social Work Students

C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

7th Feb – Perspectives in Photography: Comparing approaches to analysing photos (Dr John Barker)

C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

24th Jan – Emotional Journeys: Navigating emotional content within complex life histories and its impact on the research process (Nicky Spawls)

Professional Education and Partnership SIGN Spring term events

22nd January – Writing an article in 7 days

C&S SIGN lunchtime seminar series

10th Jan – What’s wrong with character education? (Dr Lee Jerome)

International diversity management

9th January, 2018

Values in HE

6th-8th September, 2017

Trans-formational Citizenship Teaching

4th July, 2017

GEA Conference 2017

21-23 June, 2017

Experimental research methods in early childhood

18th April, 2017

Screening of: ‘Estevão: a sensory ethnomusicology of learning’

5h April, 2017

Affected and Embodied Early Years Educators in the Baby Room

29th March, 2017

Ready to Read

24th March, 2017

AMET Mathematics Conference

15th March, 2017

Early Years Intervention

14th March, 2017

Children & the media

22nd February, 2017

Power and Politics in Childhood

15th February, 2017

Nomadic Subjects: Children on the Move

24th January, 2017

Digital Childhoods

10th January, 2017

Childhood in the (Post-)Anthropocene

29th November, 2016

Consumer behaviour in HE

22nd November, 2016

Gender & Education

15th November, 2016

Challenging Public Perceptions

8th November, 2016

The Prevent Agenda & children’s rights

18th October, 2016

Creative methods symposium

9th September, 2016

Trust, Happiness and Well-Being in HE

31st August-1st September 2016

Critical education conference

10-13th August 2016

LERNS conference

18th-19th July 2016

Students flourishing in universities

9th June 2016

“It’s just safeguarding”

7th June 2016

Considering the future: Early years qualifications and training

3rd June 2016

Education businesses and the business of education

1st June 2016

Forests, Wilderness & the Junkyard – LERNS seminar

12th May 2016

Governing through trust – LERNS seminar

27th April 2016

Student self- segregation

21st March 2016