Research-Creation as Methodology in the arts, humanities & social sciences

A Seminar with Dr Sarah E. Truman Thursday 29th  September, 2pm-4pm, Hendon Campus, C133

Originally coined in Canada, the concept research-creation has been mobilized as a term that acknowledges research projects at the intersection of arts practices, theory, and research. In this seminar, Sarah discusses how the theories she draws on to conduct research-creation projects are aligned with what has been dubbed the feminist materialisms. Specifically, a feminist orientation of conducting research that is embedded in anti-colonial, anti-racist, and queer politics. Sarah gives a brief overview of research-creation, poses some questions around queer-feminist approaches to research methods that draws on her new book Feminist Speculations and the practice of Research-Creation followed by a few examples from her past and current research. Following this overview, seminar participants will engage in a series of thinking-creating activities and group discussions focused on their own areas of research.  

Sarah E. Truman is Senior Lecturer at The University of Melbourne and co-convenor of the Literary Education Lab. From 2022-2025 Dr. Truman is an ARC DECRA Fellow whose project focuses on youth creative writing of science fiction in mining and metropolitan communities in three commonwealth countries (Australia, Canada, and Wales). In addition to conducting research into literary education, Dr. Truman co-directs the international research-creation project WalkingLab, and composes music with Oblique Curiosities. Dr. Truman’s most recent book is Feminist Speculations and the Practice of Research-Creation (Routledge). 2022). 

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