Childhood and Society Seminar: Critical thinking and judgement, combining Hannah Arendt and Danilo Dolci’s approaches to Character Education in a project developed for a primary school in Turin (Italy) 12-(12:45pm, London Time, Monday 28th Feb, free, online)

Abstract: The seminar reflects on quality education for the promotion of active and responsible citizenship in primary school, focusing on the meaning and sense of two central skills that education for sustainable development promotes in children: the ability to think and judge critically. These skills will be discussed in the context of a proposed methodological implementation in a primary school in Turin (Italy ), drawing on the theoretical work of Hannah Arendt and Danilo Dolci.

Dr Emanuela Guarcello & Dr Abele Longo

Bio: Dr Emanuela Guarcello teaches “Institutions and Contemporary History of Pedagogy”on the Degree Course in Childhood and Primary Teachers Education (Savigliano, Collegno) in the Department of Philosophy and Sciences of Education at the University of Turin. Her research interests cover character skills education in childhood, judgment education and themes of justice with particular focus on scholastic context and its territorial relationships. Her publications include Le azioni della pazienza (Studium, 2019), Scuola, carattere e skills. Dal gusto al giudizio(FrancoAngeli, 2020).

Bio: Dr Abele Longo is Senior Lecturer in Translation  in the Department of Education at Middlesex University. His main research interests encompass perspectives ranging from ecocriticism to environmental education. His publications include: Danilo Dolci – Environmental Education and Empowerment (Springer 2020); ‘Roma, viandanza dell’esilio. Rafael Alberti tradotto da Vittorio Bodini’ in N. di Nunzio and F. Ragni (Eds.) (2014) “Già troppe volte esuli” Letteratura di frontiera e di esilio, Morlacchi Editore, Perugia; ‘The Cinema of Ciprì and Maresco: Kynicism as a Form of Resistance’, in W. Hope (Ed.) (2010) Italian Film Directors in the New Millennium, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge.