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SAT L&T Showcase: Transforming the classroom experience using digital technology

Thursday 25th November 2021, online via Zoom from Dubai

·         2-3pm GMT

·         5-6pm Dubai time

Engie Bashir,  Senior Lecturer Computer Engineering and Informatics, Dubai Campus

Arundhati Basu, Lecturer Computer Engineering & Informatics, Dubai Campus

Transforming classroom experience: How the “UX in Design” teaching team used Miro to digitize student interactions and promote group collaboration

Students encountered new challenges and had to adapt to new learning experiences during their transition from in-person to online and then mixed interaction with their teaching bodies and peers. This required the teaching team of the “User Experience (UX) in Design” module to investigate groups change in collaboration and communication styles as well as the changing interaction and attention levels of individual students.

This presentation puts forward Miro’s adoption as a whiteboard and collaboration tool by the UX design teachers to address the changing requirements while engaging and motivating the students to meet their learning objectives. The module follows a design thinking methodology and requires students to work on a UX project remaining in the same group to deliver three phases of the solution as coursework submissions. The students are introduced to brainstorming, ideation, research, prototyping and iteration techniques and change their roles from a research team to a design team, ending as an evaluation team. Miro, a robust and powerful platform, was used to assign course materials, form groups, moderate group discussions, resolve group conflicts and monitor group work progress enabling the module syllabus needs. With student groups collaborating from different timezones, some with limited internet connectivity, the tool supported both synchronous and asynchronous interaction methods while maintaining all activities’ transparency to provide greater visibility into accountability and individual contribution.

This presentation aims to showcase the student and teaching experience using Miro for online and blended learning towards course content delivery, interactivity, and engagement. This session provides guidance on how to change the student classroom experience through a design thinking strategy, and will be informative to those involved with modules where communication and collaboration are required among team members.

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