Video: Feminism, Gender Justice and Resistance in Early Childhood Education (Professor Jayne Osgood)

Professor Jayne Osgood was an invited speaker at the third and final event in RECE’s (In)justices and Counteractions in Early Childhood Contexts virtual engagement series. The webinar addressed gender issues in Early Childhood Education and feminist theories and solutions that situate such issues. Drawing on a range of feminisms, the panellists explored rethinking gender binaries in relation to emerging and persistent transgender identities, intersectionality and power of BIPOC collectives, feminist tales of teaching and resistance in Reggio Emilia, Italy and rewriting gender into European early childhood philosophies.

The conversation with Alexandra Gunn, An Intersectional/ity Collective, Beatrice Vittoria Balfour and Jayne Osgood was moderated by Rachel Langford and Janice Kroeger and included a Q & A conversation amongst panelists at the end of the 60-minute panel. A 30-minute informal “salon” conversation session with the audience followed the formal programme.

The webinar took place on 26/27 May, 2021 and was entitled Feminism, Gender Justice and Resistance in Early Childhood Education. For more information about RECE, and how to join the organisation, visit: