Seminar: Social Leadership in Early Childhood Education – An introduction with Dr Mona Sakr, 12-12.45pm London Time, Monday 17th May (free, online)

Why do we need more social leaders in early childhood education?

How can we work towards social justice through early childhood education?

How do leaders in early childhood education embed a social purpose and social pedagogy?

Social leaders approach early childhood education (ECE) as an opportunity to contribute to social justice. They blend the skills of pedagogical leadership, making social change and entrepreneurship in order to create ECE organisations that drive social change for children and families living in disadvantage. In this seminar, Dr Mona Sakr will present her recent research on social leadership in ECE, which has been conducted in close partnership with June O’Sullivan MBE (CEO of London Early Years Foundation; LEYF). The research focuses on the in-depth analysis of the practices of LEYF and 15 interviews with global leaders in ECE, driving social change through the organisations they lead. The seminar will explain why we need more social leadership in ECE, how social leadership works, and what it looks and feels like on the ground.

Dr Mona Sakr researches early childhood education, with a current focus on leadership, workforce development and organisational climate.