Video: Storytelling in early years leadership: The power of sharing what we do

This symposium was hosted online on Thursday 22nd April 2021.

How can we use stories to communicate the importance of the early years to others?
How can we strengthen parent and community links through sharing stories?
How can we grow storytelling as part of our advocacy work?

Symposium Schedule

4.30pm               Welcome

4.35pm               Presentations

  • Jacqueline Lamb, CEO of Indigo Childcare Group, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Valerie Daniel, nursery school headteacher and EY advocate
  • Nichole Leigh Mosty, EY centre director turned Icelandic politician

5.10pm               Breakout rooms

In groups you are going to make up a story about early years – the story you think we need to be telling. You might find it helpful to work through these questions together.

  • Who is the audience? Who needs to hear this story?
  • What is the moral of the story? What message are you hoping to get across? Is there a call to action as part of the story?
  • Who is this story about? Who is the protagonist?
  • What journey is the protagonist on? What are they trying to overcome?
  • What are the critical moments in the story? What are the turning points?

5.25pm               Feedback from breakout rooms: telling the stories!

5.50pm               Final words.