How do we tell the story of early years? The shortest survey you’ll ever complete.

We’re researching the best way to communicate the importance of early years education to the rest of society. We need to know more about the best way to get the word out that early years education really does matter! 

So what do you think the message should be? You’re about to complete the shortest survey you’ll probably ever do. All you  need to do is look at the messages below – each made up of an image and a tagline – and choose your favourite. Which one do you think is the most effective in communicating the contribution of early years education to society?

This research has been approved by the Middlesex University Ethics Committee. Your response will be anonymous, and your completion of the survey counts as consent to use the data generated.

To create these messages, we have borrowed concepts and slogans from publicity campaigns that have been managed by the San Francisco Children’s Council Campaign and by the California Alternative Payment Programme Association (CAPPA). 

Look at the three options below and then there’ll be a chance to say which is your favourite at the bottom!

Option A

Option B

Option C