Video: ‘Worlding’ in Early Childhood Research: An interactive, introductory workshop with Professor Jayne Osgood

We hosted this event 5-6pm GMT, Mon 8th March 2021 (free, online)

What does ‘worlding’ mean in the context of early childhood research?

How does the practice of ‘worlding’ change the way we understand childhood?  

How does ‘worlding’ transform how we do research in early childhood education?

‘Worlding’ is a fundamental practice in posthumanist and feminist new materialist research with young children. It invites us to reconsider the connections between humans and the ‘more than human’. Working with ‘worlding’ shifts our approach to research in early childhood education, shaping differently the questions we ask, the methods we use and what we do with the ‘stuff’ that is encountered and generated through the research process. In this intensive and interactive one hour workshop with Professor Jayne Osgood, you have the opportunity to learn more about ‘worlding’ and its potentials in the landscape of early childhood education research.

Dr Jayne Osgood is Professor of Education (Early Childhood Studies) based at the Centre for Education Research & Scholarship, Middlesex University. Her work is committed to the  pursuit of social justice by critically engaging with early childhood policy, curricular frameworks and pedagogical approaches. Through her research and publications, she seeks to extend understandings of the workforce, families, ‘the child’ and ‘childhood’ in early years contexts.