Seminar: Quality and standards in doctoral degrees, with Dr Gill Houston

This event was hosted on 21st April 2020

Arising from the Middlesex partnership with the UK Council for Graduate Education, we have pleasure in welcoming our speaker; Dr Gill Houston -Chair, UK Council for Graduate Education.

This session will summarise the reference points available, in the UK and more widely, to support high quality doctoral programmes. It will provide insight into the remaining national review processes and will also provide details of the most useful policy documents available, together with a bibliography of publications you may find helpful in advising candidates about how to approach different aspects of their doctorate. There will be opportunities for interaction and discussion during and at the end of the session. Please be ready with any `hot topics’ or questions you would like to share and discuss.

Gill has wide-ranging experience of higher education, latterly focusing on postgraduate education. Activities include developing and implementing higher education policy in the UK and internationally, in universities and with sector-wide bodies such as QAA and the UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE). Gill is currently chair of UKCGE’s board of trustees (since July 2018) and completed a PhD in education in 2018, entitled: `A study of the PhD examination: process, attributes and outcomes’.