Jamieson Dryburgh

Jamieson Dryburgh’s research explores the experience of learning from within the dance technique studio. He employs an interpretive ethnographic approach to the shared experience of the dance class. The study centralises the nuance and insight of the research participants with respect to their approach to the materials, their relationship with the teacher and the influence of peers. His supervisory team at Middlesex University are Vida Midgelow and Victoria de Rijke.

Jamieson has been a dance technique teacher in a UK conservatoire setting for over twenty three years. Through his thesis, he utilises reflexivity in order to navigate his role as teacher/researcher and situates himself as co-participant. Feminist and queer theories are applied to thinking about transformative pedagogy and in particular the work of bell hooks draws attention to concepts of learning as engaged contribution and collective effort.

Jamieson successfully defended his thesis in September 2020 and recently published Vital Entanglements in the International Journal of Education and the Arts (IJEA). From 2021, Jamieson will assume the role of Director of Education at the Central School of Ballet, London.