Profile: Dr Teresa Aslanian

As an ECEC practitioner with a Masters degree in early childhood education, I remained concerned with the status, position and perception of care in ECEC policy and practice which led me to pursue a PhD study to explore this issue further. Through my doctoral research I interviewed policy makers and politicians about their perceptions of care. I also observed how care unfolded in ECEC institutions. Under the support and guidance of my supervisors (which included Professor Jayne Osgood, MdxCers and Professor II at OsloMet), my research resulted in four scientific publications and a dissertation entitled Stretching the Boundaries of Care in 2019. Since completing my PhD, I have become an Associate Professor at the Department of Early Childhood Education at the University of Southeastern Norway. Writing a thesis by publication brought me into contact with journal editors and expanded my professional network. I am currently involved in several collaborative research projects that expand on the theoretical and thematic interest areas from my PhD and build on the international networks I established during my doctoral period. I am particularly proud of a successful bid to co-edit an anthology for the Springer book series: Children: Global posthumanist perspectives and materialist theories.