Profile: Dr Anna Moxnes

Through teaching in early childhood organizations and in early childhood teacher education (ECTE), I became aware that reflection can be a troublesome concept. In my PhD, I investigated what reflection means, how it works in teaching practices in ECTE, and what else it could be. Under guidance and support from my supervisory team, including Professor Jayne Osgood, the process brought me into feminist and new materialist perspectives. My PhD resulted in four scientific publications and a dissertation entitled Sensing, Thinking and Doing Reflection in Early Childhood Teacher Education

After completing my PhD, I have become an Associated Professor at the department of Pedagogy at the University of Southeastern Norway. My current work continues to emprise feminist and new materialist perspectives. These projects involve both higher education, and early childhood practices; e.g. children and animals and children and esthetics in ECEC-institutions. The process of writing the PhD brought me in contact with international researchers, which have expanded my professional network and my writing experiences. Right now, I am co-editing a book about research-projects in ECTE in Norway. In 2019, I was honored with a Norwegian national prize for teaching. It was very touching that my ‘own’ student teachers nominated me, and a big surprise to win.