Congratulations Dr Ip

On the 27th July 2020, Terence Ip was awarded his PhD for the thesis entitled ‘The Implementation of Marketing in Private Early Childhood Education Centres in Hong Kong: An Investigation of the Effect on Marketing Ethics’.

His research looked into the effect on marketing ethics. The private early childhood education centres in Hong Kong needs marketing to recruit students. Parents are the decision makers and their children are the users of the educational services in the sector of early childhood education. Marketing ethics and consumer vulnerability need to be taken into consideration when implementing marketing practices. As a result, benevolence, integrity and commitment are the attributes that parents consider when choosing a private early childhood education centre for their children. High quality marketing ethics ensure that the only supported and evidenced statement is used to promote the marketing proposition. Parents wish to be assured and confident of claims made regarding the teaching quality, the care and the compassion provided by the private early childhood education centres.

Supervisory team: Professor Paul Gibbs