‘Avant-Garde Art & Children’s Picture Books’ – a webinar with Victoria de Rijke

Victoria de Rijke led a webinar on the 9th Nov 2020 , organised by a PhD Candidate she mentors at São Paulo State University and the São Paulo Research Foundation.

A very heterogeneous group of 70 people from UG and PG students in English to professors researching picturebooks and children’s literature in general from Brazil, China, India, Europe and the UK attended the webinar, and found the opportunity to make connections across avant-garde visual arts and design, poetry and prose to the art of the picturebook rewarding. The influence of the Russian constructivist avant-garde on later movements such as Cubism, nonsense and concrete poetry or CoBrA, defined mobile features of the avant-garde such as play, re-forming, collage, and metaphor.  The organiser Guilherme Magri will publish an interview with Victoria in a University of Sao Paolo journal, which addresses many of themes covered in the webinar.