New Book: ‘How to survive in teaching’ by Dr Emma Kell, former doctoral student

Dr. Emma Kell, who studied her EdD with us in Education (Supervised by Prof Paul Gibbs and Victoria de Rijke) has published her first book with Bloomsbury Educational, titled How to Survive in Teaching: Without imploding, exploding or walking away, (2018). Drawing on years of research and first-hand experience, How to Survive in Teaching offers support, advice and practical suggestions to help us stay flourishing, positive and most importantly, teaching! Recent statistics show that not enough teachers are entering the profession and that too many are leaving. Teaching is facing a genuine crisis. In this thought-provoking book, experienced teacher and leader Dr Emma Kell examines workplace stress and anxiety, conflict and ‘toxic politics’, and the other factors which lead teachers to ultimately decide to walk away. Emma firmly believes there are ways to survive the increasing pressure teachers are under. This book offers a realistic and positive perspective on the challenges and rewards of teaching. It includes successful models and strategies where a combination of support and challenge, accountability, and a sense of being valued have encouraged teachers to enter and remain in the profession.