New Journal Special Issue: Enhancing Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being: The Impact of Practice-based Research

Access the Special Issue the Work-Based Learning jour here.

This collection of posters papers, a webinar and extended abstracts was originally part of a joint symposium between the UK Council for Graduate Education and Middlesex University taking place at Middlesex University on 21st May 2020. The joint event between the UKCGE and Middlesex University was cancelled because of the pandemic yet it is now even more
relevant and situationally tied to current circumstances. Some of the abstracts, posters and papers intended for the symposium appear here, in this special edition of the Work based Learning e-journal.

With approximately 450 million people worldwide now living with a mental health issue, our collective well-being is one of the most pressing concerns of our time. Scholars and practitioners from a variety of disciplines are examining what needs to occur to enhance
emotional well-being at national and global levels and there are exciting opportunities for professional doctorates to exert a significant influence in shaping the knowledge-base and practices of this challenging field.

Access the Special Issue the Work-Based Learning journal here.