Arts & Creativities Research Group, University of Cambridge

Arts and creativities is an inter- and transdisciplinary research community whose members bring vital visions to today’s debates about what uniquely constitutes the role of the arts and their different forms of engagement and authorships (creativities) within society, education, work and the natural world.

Our members are engaged in refiguring arts-based, digital and visual research methods and affective methodologies and pedagogies, while others put to work posthumanism, queer theory, sociological and cultural theories, using diffractive and performance-based approaches to advance creativities research. This is undertaken in a variety of settings and contexts, including every level of education, industry, youth arts and humanities, cultural and diverse communities.

The group is led by Pamela Burnard (Professor of Arts, Creativities and Educations) and Tyler Denmead (Lecturer in Arts, Creativity and Education and manager of the ACE Masters program), with assistance from a doctoral community comprising 30 students.

The Group’s present research strands are:

  • Art, Artists and Pedagogies
  • Criticality and Arts Education
  • Cultural research and (re-)production in art education
  • Intercultural arts research
  • Diverse Creativities Research
  • Drama and Applied Theatre
  • Decolonising the music and arts curricula
  • Queering the art classroom
  • Design and Technology Education
    Urban arts,
  • Urban musics
  • Posthuman Trandisciplinary Pedagogies
  • Arts-based methods for developing teaching practices STEAM
  • The restorative force of creativities in children’s literature