3rd World Congress of Transdisciplinarity. 2-6 November, 2020. Mexico City.

The 3rd World Congress of Transdisciplinarity was held in Mexico City in 2020. The aim of this congress is to bring together the largest number of participants from various national and international institutions in order to study the latest theoretical and practical developments of transdisciplinarity and to imagine new theoretical models, experiences and actions to face the extraordinary challenges of the 21st century, such as Planetary Education, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence, Destructive Technologies, Health, Poverty, Destruction of biologic diversity, Climate Change, War, Violence and many other problems that afflict human beings and all living beings on this planet.


  • To provide new transdisciplinary proposals that take in consideration epistemological, ontological, and methodological problems.
  • Discuss and deepen in the theoretical-methodological foundations of transdisciplinarity to generate new knowledge in order to help with solutions for socio-cultural, political, economic, and ecological problems of the 21st century
  • To evaluate the progress of transdisciplinary research carried out to solve technological, scientific and human sciences problems.
  • To propose new analytical transdisciplinary approaches, which would be able to evaluante critically the contradictions of the models of political and economic development, of technoscience, as well as complex transcultural processes and transhistorical processes.
  • To expose models of transdisciplinary consciousness.