Events 2014-2019

6th Sept 2019 Learning and Teaching conference 3 sessions from work & learning researchers
Elda Nikolau- Walker, Carol Costley, Tunc Aybac

30th April 2019 12-1.00
CAPE presents Active Learning Seminar: What might a practice-based curriculum look like?
Carol Costley
and supporting blogs ‘What might a practice-based curriculum look like?’  C Costley
‘Practice-based learning. What if we started with practice?’ D Boud

24th January 2019 3.30-5.00
Assessing Students’ learning from, at and through Work, Carol Costley and Steven Cranfield,-at-and-through-work

10th January 2019
Positioning yourself as a researcher and getting published. David Boud and Carol Costley

10th January 2019 12-1.00
CAPE presents Active Learning Seminar: Assessing students’ learning from at and through work. Carol Costley and David Boud

19th June 2018 11-1.00pm
Workshop ‘The Work-Based project’ and an opportunity to take part in research on assessment, David Boud, Carol Costley and Paula Nottingham

6th June 2018 2-4.00pm
Workshop; ‘Facilitating Work Integrated Learning, on-campus, in workplaces and on-line’  Pauline Armsby and Steven Cranfield,-in-workplaces-and-online

7th February 2018 2-4pm
‘Writing for Publication; Update on RC and Apprenticeships in Creative Industries’
Christine Eastman and an Alumnus, Elda Nicolou-Walker, Nico Pizzolato (BS) Tim Riley (CA), Carol Costley (H&E)

16th January 2018 2.00-4.00 pm
‘Thinking differently about feedback: for learning in courses and in work’ David Boud and Carol Costley

5th December 2017 11.00-1.00
‘New ways forward for the Work and Learning Research Centre’

4th April 2017
Lisa Clarke – ‘Using NVivo in Qualitative Research: A reflection on Practice’

10th March 2017
Tim Riley – ‘Work-based learning, web media production and the social media sector. A case study.

23rd February 2017
Professor Davide Nicolini “Connections in action: understanding ‘large’ social phenomena from a practice-based perspective.”

2nd February 2017
Brian Sutton, Nico Pizzolato ‘The impact of a professional doctorate in the workplace: a conversation’

6th December 2016
Keith Buckland, Christine Eastman, Elda Nikolau- Walker, Paula Nottingham, ‘Approaches to pedagogy and curriculum development for work-based learners

1st December 2016
Dr Jean Boulton, ‘Embracing Complexity: implications for social research and strategy development.’

27th October 2016
Darryll Bravenboer, Finbar Lillis, ‘The official discourse of apprenticeship policy’

6th October 2016
Dr Tony Wall, “The Artful Inquirer”

1st July  2016
Paul Gibbs, Mita Vagji and Ifan Shepherd, round table on Transdisciplinarity in professional studies.
A return, a year later, to issues raised in the Transdisciplinary symposia organized by Paul Gibbs and attended by Besarab Nicolescu through invitations to Paul Gibbs, Mita Vagji and Ifan Shepherd to participate in a round table discussion.

11th May 2016
Sussane van Rossenberg will introduce a discussion on intersectionality as a research methodology and how this could relate to the range of practice-based insider research.

12th April 2016
Professor Davide Nicolini “Expertise as Practice: the case of TAVI”

7th March 2016   
Dr Mehmet Ali Dikerdem “practice theory and WBL”
Ruth Miller “Impact of WBL projects”

24th February 2016
Professor Karen Evans “Can lifelong learning reshape life chances?”

4th February 2016 
Dr Mike Mimirinis on ‘The conception of e-assessment in academics’
Anna Klesse (RKTO) workshop on funding opportunities

3rd December 2015
Dr Linda Robinson “The ‘love triangle’: an exploration of the ‘up close’ experience of learning in the context of a professional doctorate”

12th November 2015
Opportunity for colleagues within the Institute to present their own research in progress and receive feedback.

23rd October 2015
Professor David Coghlan – ‘seeking “doctorateness” in insider action research’

15th October 2015
An introduction to open access publishing and REF. chaired by Nico Pizzolato (NP).

14th April 2015
Dr Alan Page “Engaging the pragmatic practitioner in research: How do you develop a culture of research within modern professions”

26th Feb 2015
Professor Sarah Corrie ‘Evidencing our Practice: Voyages of Discovery and the Quest for Credibility’

4th December 2014
Professor David Plowright “Frameworks for an Integrated Methodology: Re-thinking Social and Educational Research”

9th October 2014
Professor Jan Fook “Reflexivity in Research: What it means in theory and practice”

27th March 2014
Dr Kate Maguire ‘Exploring the different uses of ‘I’ in practitioner research’

20th Feb 2014 Professor Sarah Corrie ‘Deconstructing the Concept of Evidence: Diverse     Perspectives on the Quest for Legitimate Knowledge’

28th June 2019
Work and learning network of UALL annual conference
University of the Arts (Holborn),-at-and-through-work-capturing-workplace-learning-for-transformative-higher-education

14th-15th June 2018
University of Leuven, Belgium
The Work and Learning network annual Conference in collaboration with EURASHE

23rd June 2017
UALL Work and Learning Network Conference, Middlesex University

12th April 2017
Gill Clarke and Carol Costley, ‘The quality and reputation of UK doctorate’, Middlesex University

18th November 2016
Coaching @MDX conference, Middlesex University

4th May 2016
The future of Professional Doctorates in England: evidence, perceptions, strategy, impact

24th June 2016
UALL Work & Learning Network Annual Conference 2016

8th July 2016
Innovative Pedagogies in Practice Doctorates – International Association for Practice Doctorates

15th and 16th March 2016
5th International Conference on Professional Doctorates jointly hosted with UKCGE at the Titanic Centre, Belfast ‘Candidate and Graduate Experiences, Outcomes and Achievements’.

21st July 2015 ‘An Audience with Basarab Nicolescu’ Executive Boardroom   3.30 – 5.00

26th June 2015 Work and Learning network (UALL UK) conference, London

5th June 2015 Workshop/seminar with UKCGE in London ‘Doctoral Advising; some fresh perspectives’

26th July 2014 UALL Work & Learning Network Annual Conference, University of Westminster keynote speakers, workshops, discussion groups and a networking event.

4th July 2014 Doctorates, Practice and Entrepreneurship; some challenges for research
Colleagues from across the UK attended. The first speaker, an entrepreneur who had undertaken the IWBL DProf stated that his personal journey and academic guidance for an innovative research and development project was the crucial aspect of his achievement. The second speaker, an academic at UCL had undertaken an Eng D and found key elements of entrepreneurship were building networks and trusted relationships with a creativity that ‘shifts ideas to market’. Delegates discussed the nature of impact and how it can be of benefit to people, methodologies that incorporate personal transformation and tangible outcomes that demonstrate impact, industry representation on peer review and a wider definition of ethics that bring morals and values into greater significance.  It was concluded that there is a change in the habitus of academics that takes them further into practice and ‘real world’ data.  The event was held in the iconic art deco building, 80 The Strand

2nd and 3rd April 2014
UK Council for Graduate Education/ IWBL jointly hosted conference series:
‘International Conference on Professional Doctorates’ no. 4 was held in Cardiff.  International speakers were from University of Queensland, Prof. Ingrid Lunt, University of Oxford, Prof. Andrew Brown, Institute of Education, University of London. Over 150 delegates attended. Some full papers from the conference will be published in the Work Based Learning e-journal. Extended abstracts can be found on