Erasmus Teaching Visit by Abele Longo

Erasmus Teaching Visit at the University of Palermo (23 May 2017 – 28 May 2017):

My visit provided me with the opportunity to teach in the Faculty of Architecture, which has an international reputation and is highly regarded for their inter-disciplinary teaching programme. I met colleagues who have been very supportive and interested in my teaching and research, I had the chance to attend their seminars, be involved in their teaching and teach students from different courses in a seminar, entitled ‘Sinfonia funebre di una città, la Palermo dello Zio di Brooklyn. Per una lettura ecocritica del cinema di Ciprì e Maresco’

The seminar was highly appreciated by students and colleagues and involved a contribution by the film director I discussed in my seminar, who sent a 30-minute video where he replied to questions put forward by the students in advance. The seminar encompassed perspectives ranging from ecocriticism to social and urban studies and translation studies. One part focused on how the use of audio-visual translation, specifically the subtitling of films from Sicilian dialect into Italian, had been used in films set in Palermo, discussing their relevance in the understanding of cultural identity.

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