Pedagogical conversation

On Saturday 18th March Middlesex University hosted a conversation on pedagogy in Higher Education, led by Professor Paul Gibbs.

Following a search of the Middlesex University repository for those academics who have published on pedagogical issues (over 60) we have now collated a list on the CERS website. Based on the evidence of excellence in pedagogical practice and at fairly short notice the academics below agreed to come together to participant in pedagogical conversations to share and improve practice on Saturday 18th March.

  • Adesola Akinleye – Transitional space: embodiment, dance technique and critical thinking
  • Carol Costley – Learning without barriers
  • Christine Eastman – Integrating literary works into coaching conversations
  • Adam Edwards – On the margins: Information literacy and the holy grail of curriculum integration
  • Paul Gibbs – Compassions and caring in pedagogical
  • Lola-Peach Martins – Responsible Leadership curriculum development.
  • Paula Nottingham – On the ‘balancing act’ of students doing online learning using social media
  • Clare O’Donoghue – Teacher cognition and teacher beliefs in novice teachers – the act of becoming a teacher in various contexts, including HE context
  • Tarek Zoubir – Teaching using technology and also inclusivity

Talking about what they have achieved and are striving to achieve was inspirational.  So much so that we want to invite more colleagues to join us for pedagogical conversation, we will host notification of future meetings and outcomes on this site, but in the meantime please contact Paul Gibbs if this is of interest.

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