‘Found’ exhibition supported by Dr. Victoria de Rijke

Found is an exhibition that showcases the work produced as a result of the Tavi Art residency, based at the Tavistock Centre, the internationally renowned therapy centre.

 Towards the end of 2015 artist in residence, Rachael Causer, worked with service users, staff and visitors to the Tavistock Centre on a series of workshops that responded to the theme ‘Found’. The project explores the meaning of things to be ‘found’ in the process of seeking help from the Tavistock, piecing together stories and experiences, feelings and emotions.

The exhibition powerfully conveys messages from service users about what they ‘found’ while coming to the Tavistock. Some messages are positive and hopeful, while others comment on lives that are not easy.

This exhibition includes both the work made in these sessions alongside embroideries created by Rachael Causer that reflect on her residency and a series of large photographic interpretations of textile based work, produced in collaboration with Andy Wiener.

Dr. Victoria de Rijke, Associate Professor in CERS, has worked since 2013 as Education & Arts Consultant to the ‘FOUND’ Artist in residency at London’s Tavistock Centre, which will be completed later 2016.

For more information see the Tavistock and Portman website.

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