Student self- segregation (LERNS Seminar)

Date & time: 21st March 2016, 1630-1830

Location: Middlesex University, Room C113, College Building, The Burroughs, NW4 4BT

Student self-segregation and the limitations of multiculturalism

In this paper we will present a case study from a super diverse London university, where students simultaneously celebrated the diversity of the institution, but avoided social mixing. Through focused group discussions the students struggled to account for the racial and religious divisions they perpetuated through their friendship groups. We explore the implications for thinking about diversity and multicultural education.

The paper will be followed by discussion & exploration of opportunities for collaboration.


This seminar is part of a series by LERNS (London Education Research Network for Social Justice) which aims to bring together educators & researchers with an interest in understanding and promoting social justice in education. All are welcome to join the discussion & find new collaborators.